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    Bed & Breakfast, Accommodation in Savonnières (France)

    Le Grenier du Moulin .fr

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    Please do not hesitate to ask for anything which may enhance your stay with us. Note that we speak English, but will not impose it on guests who prefer our native French…



    Le grenier du Moulin, 10 rue du Paradis, 37510 Savonnières, France
    +33 647 725 292
  • Location

    Savonnières is a beautiful village, and has won the coveted “Verte” classification. Moulin des Fontaines offers a relaxing holiday in one of the three most popular tourist regions in France. It is also a convenient base for traveling further afield, to destinations such as Normandy, Brittany, Bordeaux and Paris. Le Grenier du Moulin will make your stay in France memorable and pleasurable. We hope you will give us the pleasure of having you to stay.

    Moulin des Fontaines

    10 rue du Paradis

    F - 37510 Savonnières

    France (Loire Valley)

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